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Although making the decision to be compassionate is important, first you have to understand, have to know the reason why it is important to have compassion.

So why do we need to be compassionate?

If you say; “I will be compassionate,” that is not enough. This is not a situation where you can say; “ok I will do it,” then it happens. It has to be based on a clear understanding of why and how it is so important.

When you have developed that understanding of the importance of compassion, why compassion is necessary, then maybe you arrive at a place where you have more clarity around what the choices are. If I am compassionate it will be like this, if I am not, it will be like that.

It is maybe more important, better, to really feel the necessity of being compassionate. That is the time you need to decide; “yes, this is right, I should really be compassionate.”