About this site

Under the mindful guidance of Rinpoche Ringu Tulku entrepreneur Rager Ossel decided to commission cinematographer and music composer Jane Snijders to compile this collection of movies based on the original teachings of HH the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa.

Director Jane Snijders filmed how Buddhists from all over the world gather in Bodhgaya, India to express their experience of Buddhism around the Tebka monastery next to the Boddhi tree where the Buddha found enlightenment thousands of years ago.

The soundtracks and impressionistic filmsequences form a unique vehicle for the teachings of the Buddha. In an associative manner, musical and filmic esthetics accompany the viewer in his experience of the Karmapa’s teachings. The english voice over by David Sairel makes the Tibetan spoken teachings accessible to many people. The texts are also available in written form alongside every movie. Especially in these modern times this ancient wisdom can be used as a guideline for many people in their daily lifes.

The livingthedharma.eu website is a great source to get access to knowledge on the buddhist perspective on themes like Desire, Attachment, Anger and Fear.

Living the Dharma consists of 18 filmsegments, varying in length from 3 to 20 minutes. Every segment deals with a different theme. An interactive set-up of the website enables the viewer/student to choose the sequence of the movies/themes at their own pace and preference. Living the Dharma was made possible with the support of many.

We would like to express our gratitude to:

  • HH the 17 th Karmapa
  • The Tebka monastery Bodhgaya
  • The monastery in Dharmsala
  • David Chen
  • The Buddhist Broadcast Foundation The Netherlands
  • IBFF
  • BFFE
  • Babeth VanLoo
  • InTouch Gentle Bridges
  • Floris Struis
  • Ger Reinders
  • Bo Gerding
  • Ily (I love you) and her family at Bodhgaya India