If you look from the Buddhist point of view, awareness can be explained in this way. Take the case of a newborn baby, the baby breathes, the baby has awareness and consciousness. The baby’s body can only arise from causes and conditions similar to the body itself.

Likewise, the consciousness of the baby can only arise from causes similar to its nature, which is conscious. If a similar entity hasn’t already existed, then there is no way it could be reproduced. Everything that is of the same kind has its own continuity, which means it cannot create something totally different. The consciousness of the baby can only arise under the same causes and conditions.

Consciousness is by nature something aware, something clear, something that experiences. Therefore, awareness or consciousness cannot be form or matter alone.

Matter cannot create awareness or consciousness. In order to continue, consciousness has to have a similar cause, a similar condition, which can only be conscious, aware, and experiencing.

Matter has its own kind of continuum. If matter could turn into consciousness or could produce awareness, then everything that is material could produce it. But this is not the case.

Consciousness and awareness, the nature of mind, is something that knows, something that can experience, something that we can truly experience.