Living the Dharma

Generally speaking how to do Dharma practice and how to live our life in a proper way are very similar.

In life we have lots of doubts and lots of confusion, our purpose, our objective, is not very clear. If we don’t have the correct view, don’t have a clear stance, then we have lots of concerns, lots of thoughts, and life doesn’t go very well.

In the same way Dharma practice is also like this. First we have to have a very clear understanding, we have to see our purpose very clearly. If we understand our objective, our view, our stance, then Dharma practice becomes very easy.

If our practices have too much thinking in them, it doesn’t become Dharma practice. It becomes a religion, it becomes a system. When that happens a lot of things appear; gods, ghosts, good, bad, many kinds of dogmas, but the real practice is not there. When we practice Dharma it also has its views and concepts in a way. When we really apply the Dharma to our life it is not necessary that we have to understand lots of philosophy. If we understand, that is good, but if we do not understand, that is also good.

The main thing is that we have to work for the benefit of beings. When that happens we are applying the Dharma to our life.